Upcoming Workshops

Want to motivate students to become active participants in their learning? So do we! Developed over the past 15 years by working with thousands of instructors, postdocs, and graduate students, CAE workshops are inclusive, supportive, and active environments that provide first-hand experience with a wide variety of classroom-tested instructional techniques and materials that motivate and empower students to engage in learning about the big ideas in Astronomy and Space Science. These instructional strategies are designed to increase students’ conceptual understandings as well as help them develop and improve their abilities to think critically, interpret graphs, reason about quantitative data, and improve their self-efficacy. Join your colleagues in learning more about how to transform your classroom into a vibrant learning environment with more motivated and confident learners!

We at CAE are continually evolving our professional development experiences based on the needs and recommendations of our workshop participants. If it’s been a while since you participated in one of our Teaching Excellence Workshops, we encourage you to come take part in one of our new workshop experiences!

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