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CAE: Center for Astronomy Education. Dedicated to research on teaching and learning, and professional development, for the Astro 101 community.
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Mesa Workshop

Mesa Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, October 22-23, 2011
8:00am - 5:30pm

Mesa Community College
1833 W. Southern Ave.
Room 103, Physical Science Building
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 461-7027

Improving the College Introductory Astronomy General Education Course Through Active Engagement: A Tier I (Introductory) Workshop

Presented by Edward Prather and Gina Brissenden (University of Arizona), hosted by Mesa Community College

The overarching goal of this workshop is for participants to become familiar with research-validated active engagement teaching strategies and assessment materials, as well as how to implement them in their college astronomy courses, through role-playing, modeling, practice, and more!

To accomplish this goal, participants in our workshop will learn how to create productive learning environments beginning with a brief review of research on the nature of teaching and learning. Most workshop time will be spent with participants playing the roles of student, instructor, and critical friend to practice implementing active engagement strategies such as interactive lectures, Think-Pair-Share, interactive demonstrations and videos, collaborative groups, Lecture-Tutorials, and Ranking Tasks. The workshop will culminate with participants learning how to put these teaching strategies together into effective learning sequences for the learner-centered classroom.

Fee: There is no registration fee for this workshop.

This workshop is designed for college instructors, post-docs, and graduate and undergraduate students currently teaching astronomy (or who think they will be in the near future).

If you are not a college instructor, post-doc, or graduate or undergraduate student, but you would still like to attend the workshop, please contact us to be put on our waiting list.

This workshop is now closed. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please send us an email. Thank you.

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You can find a PDF Campus Map on Mesa Community College's Website here:

Mesa Community College also offers driving directions from various locations around Arizona including Sky Harbor Airport, Flagstaff/Northern Arizona and Tucson/Southern Arizona:

Please be aware that the PDF contains directions to two different campuses and we are at Southern & Dobson Campus. It is the one on the first page of the PDF, so please disregard the second page.

Apart from specifically labeled parking places for employees only, parking is open and free on campus. There is a parking lot just south of the Physical Sciences Building that will be the most convenient for participants. Here is campus map with parking lots:

The Physical Science Building is PS 15, and it can be found on the far right just north of the Employee Parking Lot. The parking lot just south of it "Southwest Parking Lot" is the suggested place to park.

Hotel Information

Right across the highway from the Physical Science Building is the Dobson Ranch Inn, easily within walking distance (about five minutes) to the building. The website for the hotel can be found here:

A little further away (a few blocks) is the Hilton Phoenix East. Easily accessible by car, and still by foot if you enjoy a long walk. The Hilton Phoenix East has a website here:

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