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Images from Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, Third Edition
Here you will find individual .jpg versions of all the artwork in Lecture-Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, Third Edition. You will also find Power Point slides of each image grouped by sections in the book.

Voting Card

Instructional Strategy How-To Guides

Detecting Exoplanets with the Transit Method Curriculum

Detecting Exoplanets with Gravitational Microlensing Curriculum

Radio Curriculum

Astronomy Assessment and Think-Pair-Share Questions

Here are classroom-tested Think-Pair-Share and Astronomy Assessment Questions. Many of these questions were created alongside the Lecture-Tutorials, Ranking Tasks, and Concept Inventory development programs to support the teaching of Astro 101. Be sure to thoroughly review any questions before using them in your classroom. Note; there are often several variations on a question topic.

The Night Sky

Fundamentals of Astronomy

Nature of Light and Astronomy

Our Solar System
Stars, Galaxies, and Beyond

Unpublished Ranking Tasks

Apparent & Absolute Magnitude

Doppler Shift


Kepler's Laws - Orbital Motion
Luminosity of Stars

Phases of the Moon

The Seasons

Motion of the Sky
Stellar Evolution

Stellar Evolution & Lookback Time

Size & Scale

Exam Banks

Spring 2008

Fall 2008
Spring 2009


Lecture PowerPoint Presentations

CAE Workshop Slides